AI optimized high visibility

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Exploring the next generation of high visibility

Modern advanced driver assistance systems are trained to recognize and avoid pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. But, just like humans, the software that powers driver assistance systems can run into problems in low visibility conditions.

However, unlike humans, software can report back exactly how certain it is of its surroundings, which makes it an excellent research subject. DTECT is primarily a research project to answer the question: How can people be more visible on modern roads?

A diverse group of algorithms to see a diverse group of subjects

Our research tenets are:

  • We will research general visibility patterns. We do not make our research specific to a particular technology or company's products.
  • We reflect a diversity of skin colors, body shapes and modes of transportation. We use a dataset of eleven thousand different people to generalize our results and we're only continuing to grow.

When we produce gear

Most of our research focuses on quantifying road safety best practices and can help road users without purchasing any new gear. The products we do produce are made on the same prototyping equiment that we use for experiments. They're sold at prices meant to be accessible for everyone and any proceeds help fund further road safety research.

Our current gear