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Detectable helmet sticker

Detectable helmet sticker

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In our research we found that there is no cheaper or easier way to increase visibility than making your head reflective. A helmet sticker is an unobtrusive way of capturing nearly half of the visibility of high viz clothing using something you're already carrying around (you remembered your helmet - right?) 

Our detectable helmet sticker is made with highly visible 3M material, making it ideal for cyclists, motorcyclists, skateboarders and other helmet wearers. It is easy to apply with permanent adhesive for a secure installation, and its segmented pattern fits most helmet styles.

Optimal shape

  • The helmet sticker is fragmented to fit over vents and irregular helmet shapes
  • The aspect ratio is optimized for advanced driver assistance systems 

Highly visible

  • The 3M retroreflective material is visible from over 100 meters away in headlights
  • The material also reflects IR light in exactly the same spectrum as Lidar, which makes it compatible with many self driving systems

Easy to apply

  • Gridded transfer tape allows for easy alignment
  • X-shape fits to the contour of a helmet with minimal folding

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